Friday, 12 March 2010

Mango & Mint Chutney

I thought i would take the regular approach and actually name my post after my "dish",
its a really simple dish,and well...It just YUM!

It's a great accompaniment to any Indian meal and guess what...NO COOKING!!

Im going to be a super sneak and use it as marinade for some fish im going to make on Sunday for mothers day!

Just because I can :D 

This just smells like a fruity Thai green curry paste minus the garlicky smell!

This dish has a sweet,sour,spicy,cooling effect/taste in your mouth,its amazing to get so much in one mouthful!

For this Beauty you will need;

20g Fresh Mint
20g Fresh Corriander/Cilantro (you may use the stems)
280g Green Mango
100g White Onion
25g Ginger
40g Jaggery Gur
3 Birdseye Chillies
1 Tspn Anardana
1 Tablespoon Tamrind Puree
All you do is peel & dice your ginger & Mango,Then blend all of these together in a food grinder until it turns to a paste! amazing right?
This will keep in the fridge in a jar with a lid for at least 2 weeks!

Tip: Do not add salt to the entire mix,only add salt to what you are going to use otherwise the chutney will go to liquidy.

Anyways let me tell you about some of the ingredients i used,
everyone babbles on about this and that but what is this? and what is that?
What do you really know?

Green Mango: Well what is there to know about a mango, that is green?
Well green mangoes are actually unripe mangoes. They have a extremely tart taste and smell very mangoey and almost citrusy.They are very firm, they're flesh is similar to an apple at this stage,very crunchy.

Jaggery Gur: Raw sugar,From Sugar canes!Smells divine and has a almost bitter taste! It comes in solid form and is golden.has the texture of soft brown sugar when in your just melts! (A personal fave of mine! only time we really it this is at Diwali or Lohri :( Not enough!)

Tamarind: Is almost like a date really! but its sweet and sour! and very tangy and fruity.
Goes great into marinades.

Anardana: Anardana means pomegranate seed basically and that's what it is.
These are dried to give a tangy taste!


Nostalgia said...

Sounds like fun! How nice you are going to make fish with this deliciously tart/sweet sauce. Waiting to hear how the fish tasted

Gulmohar said...

That's something new to me. Interesting chutney that is so versatile :-) Also I loved the Bittersweet Bigarade sticker label on it :D

Bigarade said...

nostalgia; Wel im hoping it will taste good,considering this is slightly like a thai green curry paste only slightly! but i will make it work!!

Gulmohar: My label is amazingly cute!! would you belive i drew that logo my self on ms paint!!This chutney is my dads creation lol! he is a endless bank of recipes but he just doesnt cook!

Thanks for the comments guys ! :)x

Jagruti said...

Lovely and tasty chutney!!

Sanjana said...

Love the new blog design :) Chutneys like this are so versatile- they taste great with everything!

Bigarade said...

Jagruti : thanks for the comment and the chutney really is yummy!!

Sanjana: Thanks lol,im not happy with it yet :( dont think i ever will be! but i did as much as i could with my limited IT ability :$!!

Thanks for the comments :)

Spicie Foodie said...

I love your recipe, never had mango chutney. Also thanks for explaining some of the ingredients, I didn't know what Anardana was :)

Bigarade said...

commercial mango chutney is a funny thing its like jam...with big chunks of furry mango in!! lol no problemo :) thanks for the comment spicie :)

Jgreen said...

i love the label and the big fat chef


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