Friday, 28 May 2010

Spicy summer courgettes

Britain is getting warmer,and the markets are getting fuller,my pockets are getting emptier,and my kitchen fridge is crammed full of food!

I bought some courgettes the other day,Locally grown organic ones,they smelled lovely!
Some fresh coriander and a helping hand from my dry store,We had a mouth party going on!
It's times like this i wish scratch and sniff went cyber! 

It doesn't look much, I know,But the flavours are absolutely mouth watering!
The warm flavours of the cumin and coriander seed,then the cool refreshing coriander herb on top
compliments the Courgette and potatoes perfectly.

Now im going to shut up,And give you the recipe

This is enough to serve about 8 people!

You will need:
5 large courgettes 
2 medium potatoes
2 medium onions chopped
4 green chilli's chopped
8 cloves of garlic chopped
A thumb size piece of ginger chopped
250g chopped tinned tomatoes
tspn tumeric
tspn hing
tspn garam masala
tspn cumin seeds
tbsp veg oil
salt to taste
Corriander to garnish

Slice your gorgeously delicious Courgettes,peel and slice your potatoes to about the same size and 
set aside.
In a large pan,heat your oil,Add your cumin seeds and cook until
the seeds turn a darker brown. Add your onions and ginger and sweat,then add your chilli's
and garlic and cook until golden brown.Add your hing and turmeric then
Add your tomatoes and heat through.

Add your potatoes and cook for 5 minutes,then add your courgettes and stir,
Add salt,to taste and then cover with a lid until the potatoes are cooked.
sprinkle with Garam masala &freshly chopped coriander.

plate up with fresh chappati's,a cooling yoghurt dip,kick back,relax and enjoy :)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Getting Berry British!

First,my apologies,for my late postings!
Ive been ill,and then we've had a bereavement in our family and I lost my way on the path of blogging andddd the list goes on.

So with highs of 16,Summer is arriving I would say.The Gorgeous blossoms,the fresh cut grass,and the showers of rain,grace us! Oh,it is amazing!Well,its still spring but I aint complaining,Our local market is crammed full of these locally grown British berries!
They're so sweet and bursting with flavour!
i cant wait to see how great they are in a few months time,but i got carried away and bought some already :D

What does one do with berries?
Make cheese cake.
Of course.

I have a confession!
I have been cooking about 5 years now,and I have never made a baked cheesecake!
This was my first attempt  & it was Jolly marvellous!!
(thanks to recipegirl's website!)

In other news folks,Waitrose,Have PINEBERRIES!
I've been reading about these on blogs for months now,and I'm scared.
I've read they're GM then I've read they're not! either way, I'm steering away! :(

Back to my cheese cake.
Mmm? Yes.

500g Crushed ginger nuts (crush until crumbs!)
125g butter, melted

3 large eggs
500g cream cheese
1 tbspn Caster sugar
2 Tbs cornflour
2 Tbs Vanilla essence
Rasberries,blueberries & any other fruit you desire.

Another tip from the recipegirl website,is to line your greased 8 inch cake tin with kitchen foil. This makes it easier to remove the cheesecake.

Mix your crushed Gingernuts with the melted butter,and pour the mix into your tin.
even it our and make sure it is tightly packed.
place a few berries on top.
Mix together your cream cheese,vanilla extract,sugar,cornflour and 
eggs ,and pour this mix over the berries and base.
you can put berries on top too,if your a berry berry person.
Send this beauty to the oven to bake slowly,at 180°c until firm to the touch,
(it will be pretty soft but it shouldn't be wet)
this should take about 45 minutes
Remove and allow to cool fully,before cutting into squares and devouring 
This is the last i saw of these beauties!
It was almost a dream!

p.s these are also great as dessert! you can brûlée them :D delicious right?


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