Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St Patrick's Day

Happy  Lá Fhéile Pádraig, Paddys and coleens!

And for the rest of us...happy St Patricks day!

I don't know much about it,and wikepedia doesn't seem to be much help!
(okay there's too much to read)
but the pubs round here love it!!

So I thought I would dedicate my cupcake batch to them! 
(It's the thought that counts!!)

The Irish accent...Funny thing...But you know what's funnier than that?
I went to France a few years back..and there were a few Irish pubs around.
I had to go in and get some change for my euros! (pubs are the only thing that seem to be open at 8am in France!!!) anyways back to the funny bit!
They were talking French with an Irish accent!
Well i found it totally hilarious,personally.

I didn't have much to hand,so I made do with what I had!!
(& borrowed)
Green gel colouring,Butter icing...Gold coins

Gold coins...okay let me explain.
Irish folk have this thing about leprechauns...hiding pots of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Cute huh?Yeah I always thought I would find the end of the rainbow...standing at my window looking over at the bridge,imagining a 2 ft man dressed in Garden green clothes with a luminous  orange beard and a gold buckled belt!Sitting infront of a huge black cauldron filled with jewels and coins and smoking a pipe..humming the "Hi ho " song!!

(whata cute video!...And at the it me or does the woman eat the kiss with the foil on!!)
oh how i miss being a child... (not that i have grown up much at all!!)
& reading that back now.. I realise how stereotypical i sound :(
im sorry leprechauns! im sure you don't all sit and guard gold pots!! 

Anyways i said borrowed right?
I borrowed this little leprechaun figurine type thing,from my mom's friends! Theyre an Irish leprechauns though!

Let me just show you the picture so you can Admire him!! :D
(check out the bottle of Guinness) 

(please dont ask me what has happened to his eye!!)

Anyways folks!

Im going to tidy up my kitchen..One has a slight habit of making a erm...

Ahem,This is also one of my entries for KO Rasoi's
"Wear your food" Competition!
i went back to read the post,after reading Sanjana's comment.
& i am going to tell a white lie...
i was inspired by this...
But worry not Sanjana...i will return with a worthy recipe
Truly dedicated to obtaining this Bracelet.


chelsea felgate said...


the bun looking nice keep up the good work...


Gulmohar said...

happy St.Patrick's day to you too !! I loved the cute leprechauns, even without your cupcake
What a coincidence, I've posted some cupcakes too :D

Brownieville Girl said...

Happy St Patrick's Day to you too.

Bun looks lovely.

Sanjana said...

Lol! How cute is this?! You should sooo enter my Wear Your Food competition with this! :D

Bigarade said...

Gulmohar: Thanks! lol i found his lost eye slightly creepy. me and you are always posting the occasional same things its odd!! (great minds think alike!!)

Brownieville girl: Thankyouuu :D tasted good too! they were rose watery :D

Sanjana: It is Uber cute!! i would enter your competition but i have a erratic fear :$ my entry will be CRAP...Compared to the others :(... Il just keep out for now :$ :(

thanks for the ocmments :)

M D said...

Nice write-up! :) That's a cute looking cup cake, surely tastes great. Happy St. Patrick's to you!

Bigarade said...

Aww thankyou :)
Hope you had a gud un! x

Jgreen said...

Even more mess?
and no she doesnt eat the wrapper she scrunches up the wrapper!(in her left hand)


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