Thursday, 9 April 2009

No bake Bittersweet mousse ameretti cake

Now that is a mouthful^
But im sure it wasn't as Delish! as a mouthful of this :D

This was basically a last minute idea.It's a extremely rich no bake cheesecake. Its made by crushing amaretti biscuits and then mixing in a splash of Dissarano.Then binding it with butter and some caster sugar.Place that into a spring loaded tin and allow to set. Then lightly toast some flaked almonds and then sprinkle them across the base.
Melt some bitter chocolate.In a bowl whisk some double cream with some Dissarano & icing sugar to stiff

peak,dont over whisk it!! Then fold it into some beaten mascarpone which has had the melted chocolate mixed into it.pour this mix into the mold on top of the base and allow to set.Cut through it using a heavy and hot knife. Serve with fruit or fruit coullis to cut through the richness of it all.

I dont do measurements.Use the eye thats why it is there.sorry :$


Chantal said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Strictly eyeballing huh? Cool!

bigarade said...

strictly eye balling? :$ lol

Ravey Babey said...

Wow. I love the second quote thing yaar!

And OMG please make me this cake one day :')

Sweta said...

Oooh-a no bake cake!!Very interesting :)

Cookies and cakes said...

That cake looks fabulous! I want some :-)


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