Saturday, 4 July 2009

Cuppy Cake Adventures

    Cuppy cakes
    4oz plain flour
    4oz Caster sugar
    4oz butter
    2 eggs (room temp)
    Splash of vanilla essence (or almond :D,well anything you please really)
    (I also throw in some smarties,or hundreds and thousands now and then)

    I usually get 24 cupcakes out of this mix! I also use this mix for my normal cakes,Works a treat!

    Cream the sugar,Vanilla essence and butter together until white and fluffy.
    Then add the eggs and give another whizz.
    Add the flour and fold in gently ( add the smarties or sprinkle now).

    Cook in a pre heated oven at 180 Deg. for about 20 minutes!
    Check them though i forgot to lol! just until
    theyre golden brown and firm to the touch!

    take them out and allow them to cool.

    Then enjoy,but if you want to ice them heres a recipe for icing i use.
    Well more of a frosting lol!

    250g White chocolate chips/chunks
    300g mascarpone

    Melt the chocolate over a baine marie. Then mix into the beaten mascarpone!

    Its a really rich frosting,and tastes like milky bar!

    you can adapt it! Ive whacked fresh raspberries through it before just to break down the sweetness a bit.


    Pavithra said...

    Looks so yummy.. I love cupcakes...simply superb

    bigarade said...

    Thankyou very much :)


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