Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gulab jamun

Say "Hello Beautiful!"


Well erm,where do i start...


Were having theme evenings at college this week.
Interesting right?

No,Not really...i assure you.

Basically theres 3 groups in my year.
& we all have different theme nights!!

This week is the indian theme.

Ours is Spanish and the other groups is chinese.

We had some "Chefs" From a local "Indian Restaurant",come in to HELP (Destroy).
i felt emotional pain whilst i stood and watched these evil men,in tall white hats slaughter,what means most to me...Food from the mother land :(

I swear on my beloved Saag...they were evil!!

 i was on the sweet section,quite disgusted really.

There was no REAL Indian dessert :(
No Gujrela! No Rasmalai, No Falooda and nooo kulfi :(

So i did what any sane indian would do...Make Gulab Jamun.

When Trouble is on the horizon make gulab jamun.

i think that this is going to be my new theory for life.

To Make The Jammin Jamuns!

You will need:

280g Milk powder
1 Egg
1/2 tspn Semolina
2tspn Bakling powder
Water (To bind the mix into a firm dough)
580ml Water
500g Sugar
A couple of drops of Rose Water/Kewra extract or orange blossom water 
4 green cardamom pods,crushed.
Grated coconut to garnish.

These are deep fried!

Pretty easy these...i wouldn't make them if they weren't !

Combine the water,sugar,rose water and cardamom in a pan and heat until the sugar melts. take off of the heat.

Mix all the other ingredients into a firm dough and make little balls out of them. I scaled all of mine to 12g.
i managed to get 30 balls out of this mix.Then deep fry the balls.until golden brown. Drain and add to the sugar mix and allow to cool. Remove..coat in coconut..Enjoy!

Our Mixed plate of "Indian" desserts... Interesting.

ps: you can omit the egg :)


Brownieville Girl said...

I think your desserts look great Bigarade, I'd say they taste wonderful too.

Bigarade said...

Awww Thankyou!!
Though they were dissapointing they tasted darn lovely!

Jagruti said...

Your dessert palate looks yummy and mouthwatering..I too make gulab jamun but never added egg..

Bigarade said...

thankyou! i dont usually use egg either,but i thought iwould try this recipe ihad found and changed,though i found they were more moist with the egg.

Sanjana said...

I feel your pain... Well not exactly in the same way but I know what you mean. :) Damn, none of those desserts look very Indian except yours. Good on you! :D

Bigarade said...


everybody just thinks i am a drama queen..at least some one knows how i feel!

Jgreen said...

i remember tasting these!
they were lovely
the indian night really was $#!t


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