Monday, 22 March 2010

When cute became edible!!

I would have posted this Saturday night after our ahem extremely intense shopping trip but I was absolutely shattered!

You would be too if you managed to enter almost every shop and buy something within 4 hours on green street!

Anyway! back to the point,i didn't manage to take step by step pictures as we were pressed for time!! i just chucked it together with the help of my amazing mommykins!
We made this for a friend,well her 4 year old daughter!

(In the making)
i forgot to take a picture of the finished product! so i had to send my camera round to their house ! *doh*

(@ the friends house!)
Its a kinda pointless post but.... 
It had little bits of glitter on! SO CUTE :$


Future quotes said...

Its good and i like it...

Nostalgia said...

Fabulous..a great team effort I would say!

Bigarade said...

Thankyou both very much :)

Gulmohar said... pretty !!

Bigarade said...

Thankyou! :)

Jgreen said...

Looks good!
so your messy at home too?



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