Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...Wearing food!

To the lovely lady who writes KO Rasoi.
You may not know me,or my food.
But we know you...
This is my Entry for the "Wear your food" Competition.

I try not to enter competitions like this,because;

  • I don't think my food is worthy
  • When I lose... I have to think of someone else with the prize i wanted :(

But,I cant resist!!

 I do love my Bracelets! & well this one...this one is worth losing for...
At least I will be able to sit in a rocker chair when i am 90 odd,and tell random children that i fought for something I really wanted!!

So now i am sitting at my pc,demolishing some Gingernut biscuits (my favourite,yaknow!)
Thinking about how i should write this post!

There isn't much to write...About 20 minutes ago, my kitchen was a war ground,as i worked on my Weapon of Super cute bracelet obtain-ation!

Icing sugar was a flying!

Food blenders was a Buzzing!

And i was ... Thinking....

As i mixed random ingredients from our larder...i wondered what i would create...
What i would call it...
And...Would it be edible?

Well folks,What do i tell thee?

i feel a bit like the guy who invented Frankenstein,Okay i don't know i feel i have accomplished! 

I created this "Cheesecake".

Its a Ginger nut  biscuit and almond base.
topped with blitzed peaches!
Then Lashings of Cream cheese,Whipping cream and Archers are piled on top.
Then i poured melted chocolate over the top!
& topped with CUTENESS!!

So He may not be a REAL Cheesecake...But He will be one day...Just you wait and see!

candy shop charm bracelet 7
( If you tilt your head to the left,squint and hop on one leg! you can see the simmilarity!! i even included the fork :$)

I couldn't wait to write this post,I haven't got a clue why!

So i wrote it a few days ago,and scheduled it... in case i forgot!!!
 i made it as neat as i could but me and cling-film,we don't get on! 
I tried to make this vegetarian friendly :D
But im sure you can eat those cute little candy eggs right?
I also used a eastery theme,killing two birds with one stone.*Teehee*

Need to get back on track and get some savoury recipes on here!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gulab jamun

Say "Hello Beautiful!"


Well erm,where do i start...


Were having theme evenings at college this week.
Interesting right?

No,Not really...i assure you.

Basically theres 3 groups in my year.
& we all have different theme nights!!

This week is the indian theme.

Ours is Spanish and the other groups is chinese.

We had some "Chefs" From a local "Indian Restaurant",come in to HELP (Destroy).
i felt emotional pain whilst i stood and watched these evil men,in tall white hats slaughter,what means most to me...Food from the mother land :(

I swear on my beloved Saag...they were evil!!

 i was on the sweet section,quite disgusted really.

There was no REAL Indian dessert :(
No Gujrela! No Rasmalai, No Falooda and nooo kulfi :(

So i did what any sane indian would do...Make Gulab Jamun.

When Trouble is on the horizon make gulab jamun.

i think that this is going to be my new theory for life.

To Make The Jammin Jamuns!

You will need:

280g Milk powder
1 Egg
1/2 tspn Semolina
2tspn Bakling powder
Water (To bind the mix into a firm dough)
580ml Water
500g Sugar
A couple of drops of Rose Water/Kewra extract or orange blossom water 
4 green cardamom pods,crushed.
Grated coconut to garnish.

These are deep fried!

Pretty easy these...i wouldn't make them if they weren't !

Combine the water,sugar,rose water and cardamom in a pan and heat until the sugar melts. take off of the heat.

Mix all the other ingredients into a firm dough and make little balls out of them. I scaled all of mine to 12g.
i managed to get 30 balls out of this mix.Then deep fry the balls.until golden brown. Drain and add to the sugar mix and allow to cool. Remove..coat in coconut..Enjoy!

Our Mixed plate of "Indian" desserts... Interesting.

ps: you can omit the egg :)

Monday, 22 March 2010

When cute became edible!!

I would have posted this Saturday night after our ahem extremely intense shopping trip but I was absolutely shattered!

You would be too if you managed to enter almost every shop and buy something within 4 hours on green street!

Anyway! back to the point,i didn't manage to take step by step pictures as we were pressed for time!! i just chucked it together with the help of my amazing mommykins!
We made this for a friend,well her 4 year old daughter!

(In the making)
i forgot to take a picture of the finished product! so i had to send my camera round to their house ! *doh*

(@ the friends house!)
Its a kinda pointless post but.... 
It had little bits of glitter on! SO CUTE :$

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St Patrick's Day

Happy  Lá Fhéile Pádraig, Paddys and coleens!

And for the rest of us...happy St Patricks day!

I don't know much about it,and wikepedia doesn't seem to be much help!
(okay there's too much to read)
but the pubs round here love it!!

So I thought I would dedicate my cupcake batch to them! 
(It's the thought that counts!!)

The Irish accent...Funny thing...But you know what's funnier than that?
I went to France a few years back..and there were a few Irish pubs around.
I had to go in and get some change for my euros! (pubs are the only thing that seem to be open at 8am in France!!!) anyways back to the funny bit!
They were talking French with an Irish accent!
Well i found it totally hilarious,personally.

I didn't have much to hand,so I made do with what I had!!
(& borrowed)
Green gel colouring,Butter icing...Gold coins

Gold coins...okay let me explain.
Irish folk have this thing about leprechauns...hiding pots of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Cute huh?Yeah I always thought I would find the end of the rainbow...standing at my window looking over at the bridge,imagining a 2 ft man dressed in Garden green clothes with a luminous  orange beard and a gold buckled belt!Sitting infront of a huge black cauldron filled with jewels and coins and smoking a pipe..humming the "Hi ho " song!!

(whata cute video!...And at the it me or does the woman eat the kiss with the foil on!!)
oh how i miss being a child... (not that i have grown up much at all!!)
& reading that back now.. I realise how stereotypical i sound :(
im sorry leprechauns! im sure you don't all sit and guard gold pots!! 

Anyways i said borrowed right?
I borrowed this little leprechaun figurine type thing,from my mom's friends! Theyre an Irish leprechauns though!

Let me just show you the picture so you can Admire him!! :D
(check out the bottle of Guinness) 

(please dont ask me what has happened to his eye!!)

Anyways folks!

Im going to tidy up my kitchen..One has a slight habit of making a erm...

Ahem,This is also one of my entries for KO Rasoi's
"Wear your food" Competition!
i went back to read the post,after reading Sanjana's comment.
& i am going to tell a white lie...
i was inspired by this...
But worry not Sanjana...i will return with a worthy recipe
Truly dedicated to obtaining this Bracelet.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Mango & Mint Chutney

I thought i would take the regular approach and actually name my post after my "dish",
its a really simple dish,and well...It just YUM!

It's a great accompaniment to any Indian meal and guess what...NO COOKING!!

Im going to be a super sneak and use it as marinade for some fish im going to make on Sunday for mothers day!

Just because I can :D 

This just smells like a fruity Thai green curry paste minus the garlicky smell!

This dish has a sweet,sour,spicy,cooling effect/taste in your mouth,its amazing to get so much in one mouthful!

For this Beauty you will need;

20g Fresh Mint
20g Fresh Corriander/Cilantro (you may use the stems)
280g Green Mango
100g White Onion
25g Ginger
40g Jaggery Gur
3 Birdseye Chillies
1 Tspn Anardana
1 Tablespoon Tamrind Puree
All you do is peel & dice your ginger & Mango,Then blend all of these together in a food grinder until it turns to a paste! amazing right?
This will keep in the fridge in a jar with a lid for at least 2 weeks!

Tip: Do not add salt to the entire mix,only add salt to what you are going to use otherwise the chutney will go to liquidy.

Anyways let me tell you about some of the ingredients i used,
everyone babbles on about this and that but what is this? and what is that?
What do you really know?

Green Mango: Well what is there to know about a mango, that is green?
Well green mangoes are actually unripe mangoes. They have a extremely tart taste and smell very mangoey and almost citrusy.They are very firm, they're flesh is similar to an apple at this stage,very crunchy.

Jaggery Gur: Raw sugar,From Sugar canes!Smells divine and has a almost bitter taste! It comes in solid form and is golden.has the texture of soft brown sugar when in your just melts! (A personal fave of mine! only time we really it this is at Diwali or Lohri :( Not enough!)

Tamarind: Is almost like a date really! but its sweet and sour! and very tangy and fruity.
Goes great into marinades.

Anardana: Anardana means pomegranate seed basically and that's what it is.
These are dried to give a tangy taste!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Liquid Gold Chocolate Fondants

Guess who’s back, back again...Bigarades back, and well, I’ve bought you a recipe!
No diets were hurt in the making of these I swear!

Okay mine was...calorie overload...I actually felt emotional pain.
I spent half an hour this morning at 6 am, in the gym, burning off those calories my Punjabi parents have forced upon me...okay I lied they didn’t force them upon me but hey who can resist double servings of Saag! (Obviously not me)

Where was I?
Oh yes, in the gym “giving it large” on the fitness freak front.
Those of you who know me, know how much fitness means to me :D (HAAAAAA)
So I stroll into college on this beautiful march day, and find out were cooking chocolate fondants...yes those molten chocolate cakes, the really nice gooey ones, yessss....those ones that could push Mr Motivator over the edge!!

So we had like a free lesson right, we love those at our college.
So we made stuff, like you do *rollseyes*

Oeufs de neige (poached meringue, to my understanding)
Sable biscuit & Balsamic strawberry stacks
Chocolate Fondants (wink wink)
Mango & Passion fruit Bavarois

Eventful day may I just add!
We used to make chocolate fondant where I used to work!
Amazed me it did!
A cake, with chocolate melting in the middle...Dreamalicious baby!
So when we did it at college today my mind went into OVERLOAD!
So I thought hey “hey heyyyy”,why don’t  I share this sinful food with the readers!

So folks, enough of my chronic rambling, I present you with;
Chocolate fondants.

You will need,

2 Egg yolks
4 Whole eggs
80gf Caster sugar
130g Butter
130g Dark chocolate (the bitterererer the bettererer ;) )
30g Plain flour
14g Cocoa powder
You will also need to preheat your oven to 180Deg

I used tin pudding basins,and got 6 large servings from this mix :)

In a bowl whisk together your:
Yolks,Whole eggs,Cocoa powder,Flour & sugar

 Put zee mix to one side,Then in a small sauce pan melt your butter,to your melted butter add your chocolate.melt it slowly,its best to take it off of the heat at this stage,other wise it starts to go a bit crazy and wants to burn
Add this gorge! Buttery chocolatey mix to the egg mix.

Now Mix well and leave to cool for about an hour.
(these freeze REAL well!! and are best cooked form frozen in my humble opinion! iv frozen some for mothers day! BONUS!!)
Grease your moulds,fill them with the mix,about 2/3 up the side.
Bake for 9 minutes! (yes that's all it takes to get deliciousness!!)

Dinner party at mine? 



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