Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...Wearing food!

To the lovely lady who writes KO Rasoi.
You may not know me,or my food.
But we know you...
This is my Entry for the "Wear your food" Competition.

I try not to enter competitions like this,because;

  • I don't think my food is worthy
  • When I lose... I have to think of someone else with the prize i wanted :(

But,I cant resist!!

 I do love my Bracelets! & well this one...this one is worth losing for...
At least I will be able to sit in a rocker chair when i am 90 odd,and tell random children that i fought for something I really wanted!!

So now i am sitting at my pc,demolishing some Gingernut biscuits (my favourite,yaknow!)
Thinking about how i should write this post!

There isn't much to write...About 20 minutes ago, my kitchen was a war ground,as i worked on my Weapon of Super cute bracelet obtain-ation!

Icing sugar was a flying!

Food blenders was a Buzzing!

And i was ... Thinking....

As i mixed random ingredients from our larder...i wondered what i would create...
What i would call it...
And...Would it be edible?

Well folks,What do i tell thee?

i feel a bit like the guy who invented Frankenstein,Okay i don't know i feel i have accomplished! 

I created this "Cheesecake".

Its a Ginger nut  biscuit and almond base.
topped with blitzed peaches!
Then Lashings of Cream cheese,Whipping cream and Archers are piled on top.
Then i poured melted chocolate over the top!
& topped with CUTENESS!!

So He may not be a REAL Cheesecake...But He will be one day...Just you wait and see!

candy shop charm bracelet 7
( If you tilt your head to the left,squint and hop on one leg! you can see the simmilarity!! i even included the fork :$)

I couldn't wait to write this post,I haven't got a clue why!

So i wrote it a few days ago,and scheduled it... in case i forgot!!!
 i made it as neat as i could but me and cling-film,we don't get on! 
I tried to make this vegetarian friendly :D
But im sure you can eat those cute little candy eggs right?
I also used a eastery theme,killing two birds with one stone.*Teehee*

Need to get back on track and get some savoury recipes on here!


Jagruti said...

Superb and sweet!! great for entry..

Bigarade said...

Thankyouuu :)

Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Well done!!! The "cheesecake" looks super cute, and delicious, but I'm really loving how you included the fork too, and so neatly! Good luck :)

Bigarade said...

i think i killed all my braincells making this... :(
Thanks for the comment :D

ComprAceite said...


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Jgreen said...

this is a odd combination but im sure it tasted great

Mr. P said...

It looks great. I would never have thought to do this - it's exactly like the charm!

Bigarade said...

i tried to make it as charm like as possible!the glittering "diamonds are a girls best friend" Kulfi look even better though!!
Thankyou !

Ananda Rajashekar said...

wow cheese cake look cutie, loved ur bracelet and the mark of fork on the plate :) yep am following ur blog now :)


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