Saturday, 26 December 2009

Easy Peasy Vegeterian friendly starter or snack

okay so today is boxing day and ive actually got a day off work!!
been so busy,snowed under by massess of beautiful snow,in and out of work like theres no tomorrow but now,i have time,and im here.
Dedicated little girl arent i.
i was meant to be doing a give away but i mislaid my prize in my loft some place whilst tidying decorations. im one of those people who tidies to the extent i can no longer find anything.
So here i sit with a tube of benedicts chocolate,The bitter orange with a hint of chilli,Delicious they are DELICIOUS!

So ive opened all my presents in a excitement fuelled frenzy,ive got cook books :D a filofax a few bags ,clothes vouchers, money...

and i come bearing a recipe for you,

its a bit festive,and late i know!
but ive been so busy.

Its a Cranberry and stilton pate.
It's lovely!!

You will need,
100g Stilton (or another blue cheese)
15 g fresh cranberries
100g cream cheese
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
Good pinch coarse cracked black pepper

    This is so simple!
    All you do,is line  a mould with cling film.
    cook your cranberry in a bit of water,only about a table spoon,until soft.
    mix all your ingredients togeether and fill the mould
    Chill and serve! i finished mine with a cranberry butter!!

    you dont even have to put it into a mould! you could put it into little bowls or make little quenneles :D


    priya said...

    Yummy and delicious!!..tempting click!

    Bigarade said...

    Thankyou :D lol im useless with pictures!

    Mother Rimmy said...

    I love the simplicity, and yet it's such a pretty appetizer. Blue cheese is one of my favorites. I can't buy it, I'll eat the whole thing by myself! :)

    Bigarade said...

    mm! it is one of those cheeses that you cant get enough of,once its finished you just crave more!!
    i buy small slices at the cheese counter! my family arent too keen on blue cheese unless i cook it into something!
    Thanks for the comment much appreciated fellow blue cheese lover!

    Mr. P said...

    I love cheese like this! I know they're considered declassé but I care not for food snobs!

    Looks lovely. And thank you for being so dedicated and posting on boxing day!

    Bigarade said...

    Thanks btw :D :p

    Jennie said...

    Oh wow! I wish I'd seen this before Christmas! This one's going in my bookmarks! :)

    Happy New Year to you!

    Bigarade said...

    Aww thanks...Happy new year to you too :)


    Anonymous said...

    seems simple enough..great looking too!

    Bigarade said...

    Thankyou :)


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