Sunday, 6 December 2009

Thai salmon cakes

mmmm.I love fish & sea food and one of my favourite fish dishes are Thai salmon fish cakes!
Theyre so simple and absolutley delicious.
They can be served with whatever you wish.
My fave way to serve them is with a nice salad matchstick potatoes and yummy yellow or red sweet chilli sauce.
*drools over her keyboard*

So i thought i would share this recipe with you.
As it is nearly christmas lol.

you will need,

60g Salmon
5g Root Ginger
1 Clove of Garlic
2 tspn Nam Pla (fish sauce)
1 tbspn of chopped corriander
1 chilli
1 stick of lemon grass (prepared by removing the skin and tip)
squeeze of halfa lime
enough vegetable oil to shallow fry.
Wedge of lime to serve.

 I scaled these cakes to 6g each,i got 10 portions out of this mix.
*dratz!  forgot to add slat nto my ingredients list,Salt to taste peoples!*
These can easily be made smaller for little bites at a xmas party maybe.

you know i told you this is simple,it really is.

gather ones ingredients,like so.

Thennn,grind them all up,i just stuck mine in my veg chopper because i quite like little chunky bits(no im not being lazy this time,i generally like texture lol)
I added my corriander right towards the end,looks greener!
Like so.

I then did the same with my salmon,pulsed it a few times until it was kinda minced
but still chunky because other wise it willgo to sloppy and you wont be able to work with it.
Make your cakes and fry on a medium heat,you dotn want to obliterate the yummy salmon.
(also some recipes say coat your salmon cakes in cornflour,you can do this but i prefer miner au naturale,il save the cornflour for something else 8-) maybe some turkish delight mmm)

sorry incase you didnt read it b4, MMMMMMM. 


Anonymous said...

only the ginger and chili paste can convince me how flavorful these fish cake are!

Bigarade said...

uhm thanks for the comment (: Theyre delish!


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