Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Colcannon potatoes

Colcannon potatoes are irish mashed potatoes,Theyre laced with leeks and scallions and cabbage,& just general yummyness,the kind of yummyness you appreciate when your frozen and starving.
Theyre great on their own or with a casserole.Lovely with sausages and gravy,we all love gravy now don’t we!
 This served 6 rather large portions!!
10g butter
Drizzle of veg oil ( just to stop the butter burning)
25g Leeks
10g Scallions
20g Shredded Savoy Cabbage
100g Potatoes
20g Butter
Cream or milk (your choice but creamy mash is lovley mash!)
Plenty of seasoning ( I used cracked black pepper & sea salt)

(My gorgeous orange knife!! <3 )

Blanch your savoy & set aside.
Peel & boil your potatoes,set aside.
Right,its best to use a wok,but I used a frying pan that was a little to small ( there goes my lazyness,getting the better of me again!).Add you 1 lot of your butter,& your oil.Alow to get hot, then add your blanched cabbage,after about a minute add your leeks and scallions.
Give it a good old mix.
Keep it going until you start to notice some parts going brown,Its all flavour I say!
When you feel happy with the look of your mix,set it aside.
Mash your potatoes,Give them a good old mash,Season,add your cream and butter!
Then mix in your cabbage mix.

Et voile.
Potatoes of the colcannon variety.


Vegetable Matter said...

These look delicious. I've never combined cabbage with mashed potatoes, but it makes sense since they are available at the same time and the cabbage would provide some nice texture (and lots of vitamins). Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Bigarade said...

No problemo it is one of my faves! so simple and filling! hold on,youve never combined cabbage and potates! does this mean you havent ever eaten bubble and squeak? :O !! Thanks for the comment :)

Anupama said...

A totally different recipe yet very nourishing and delicious :-)

Bigarade said...

Aw thanks for the comment :)

Jgreen said...

your obsession with orange is becoming reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal weird!!

nice potatoes


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