Thursday, 3 December 2009


Between September and February the British menus are spewing brilliance,with seasonal dishes using locally caught game.
My family eat a lot of game,we've had a game keeper in the family for donkies years,so I don’t think I appreciate it as much as people who don’t eat it as much as me.
But it’s a beautiful thing!
Im extremely lucky,not only because of our game keeper,but because I live somewhere,where local,sustainable produce is available readily,for those who are willing to use it.
& nothing can beat game,it is in its own league of excellence,whether it be Duck or venison,Hare or rabbit,or maybe pigeon or pheasant.
Game has a very low fat content,probably because it is wild & able to run around happily.
It’s easy to cook,but can be expensive when bought oven ready,I think.
Your thinking,”shutttttttup”,sorry.
I was rambling but this rambling has meaning!
the other day ) at college we had a guy visit us from a local farmers market ( I hope that’s right)
And basically he bought us game to play with.
Ok,not play but he came to enlighten our minds.
We learnt about catching game,hanging it and then plucking and drawing the guts out of it.
Sounds awful doesn’t it, im sorry vegeterian readers,if you are a vegeterian or animal lover,id stop reading now,personally.

This is a Duck we plucked,
Im not all that heartless,I felt really bad 
It as sooo cute and fluffy.
But duck is tasty,so its all a really big mess!But I suppose it’s the same for other meat too!
But I don’t know why I actually enjoyed this,i love the whole catch it kill it eat it scenario.
Its like history and science and culinary delight all in one realm.
See there I go rambling again.
Buut seriously guys,next time your eating out,and you see game don’t give it a miss.
Try it,love it.obviously not you,vegetarian readers.

I may post a game recipe.

The end.


Mae said...

Honestly, it's refreshing to see people showing the whole "farm to table" process. I have always vacillated between vegetarian ethics and the carnivore passion for roasting meat. I've concluded that if you can eat it - you should be able to watch the butchering process.

Now... gulp... I just have to live up to my feelings on this...

Love the post, just realized your a commis chef? How cool!

Bigarade said...

i think like that some times,that eating meat is cruel. But then i sort of think ive been bought up this way eating meat,i need it now. yes i am weak minded lol!
But i think alot of people who find this butchery stuff gross,miss out on the real art,sounds lame but,butchery is a bit of a art!

& yes *sighhh* i am a commis :(
Im capable of more but im too lazy to move to another job and get a better position.Commis is just my name but i do alot more than the usual commis stuff.

trust me if you get a chance to experience this stuff first hand it is well worth it!
thanks for the comment! (didnt think anybody would really read this one lol :( )

Jgreen said...

i liked this!
did you know it is illegal to pluckyour ownbirds in the kitchen?


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