Sunday, 18 October 2009

I wish

I wish i was Ras malai,so i could sit and float in this rose,pistachio and cardamom milk. With no cares in the world,my sole aim to fill the stomach of some hungry person!

Ahh...If i had half as much brain as i was supposed to i would write a blog dedicated to my love of indian sweets!!
From the pistachio barfi to the besan ke ladoo! From jalebis in hot milk to gulab jamans with ice cream! Kulfi,gujrela,ras gulla,ras malai!

Sorry please excuse me whilst i drown in a pool of my own drool.

If you havent already clocked on,I have awful photography skills,my writing skills are probably worse so,you dont really get the true "umph" of these delicious foods i try to explain to you. I wouldmake video but my accent is awful and my videoing skills,Well lets just say my pictures seem professional next to them!

Anyway,enough of this self pity.

I present to you;
The one and only,

  • Paneer
  • 1 liter blue milk
  • 8 table spoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cardamom powder (or just use pods)
  • thinly sliced almonds & pistachios
  • A couple of dashes of rose water

  • pulse the Paneer in a blender till very smooth. Make into balls of your preffered size and then flatten slightly.
  • When you have done this setthe balls aside.
  • In a pan boil the milk with sugar, till thickened enough to loosley coat a spoon.Add the cardamom and rose water mix well.If using cardamom pods strain the milk. ( Dont stop stirring)
  • Allow to cool,a little,add the paneer.
  • garnish with the pistachios and almonds,Chill well and serve!

Here is the paneer recipe i used!


A realllll bad picture i know :(

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