Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Dhokla, haa un tamene prem karu chhu

Check out my gujrati che! :D
Have you ever been to Southall?
Where Indian sweet shops plague shopping parades?
Names like Ambala and Jalebi junction.
Not only do they taunt you,they lure you into purchasing some of they're uber delish foods!

Weve all been there,if not in Southall,Some other place!

Ever been in to one of these shops and thought,"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" ?
Probably not,But sometimes i go in and i think "do i really want something sweet?"
So i buy some freshly made bombay mix,Maybe some patra and Dhoklaa! Okay i admit i do nick some mixed mithai somebody in my family bought!

So Dhokla,Oh The Guji people of the world,i know you don't know me,but thankyou for this one,really,thanks.

Usually you get a choice of a Mint or red chilli chutney,or if your lucky some tamrind chutney! Mmm
Dhokla has a really unusual taste and texture and just keeps you coming back for more!
& guess what lovely people!

( Ideal as finger food at a party! Oh i also found you some music just because it was what i was listening to whilst making it!)

*Jumps around with excitement for a while*

Just to add,This recipe is steamed! If like me you don't have a steamer,Just use a large pan with a tight fitting lid!! I also used a 8 inch square cake tin as my Dhokla mould...(Gosh i am useless!)
Alsoooooo,There is many different variations of this recipe,some call for semolina some call for Eno and all sorts,this is a way i found worked!


280g Besan (Gram flour/Chickpea flour)
240ml Yoghurt 
600ml Warm water

2 chopped green chillies
1 inch chopped ginger
1/2 teaspoon powdered tmeric
Salt (to your taste)
1 teaspoon Baking soda

2 tablespoon oil
Juice of 1 lemon

To decorate these beauties;

2 teaspoon mustard seeds
2 dried Curry leaves 

3 tablespoons of Freshly chopped corriander
A generous sprinkling of grated coconut

Sift your Besan into a bowl
Add your water & yoghurt and Salt

Whisk until it is of dropping consistency and has no lumps
Leave it to ferment for about 2 hours, ( The longer you leave it the better,so i am told)
Blitz your ginger and chillies into a paste (using a food grinder)
Grease your make shift dhokla pan
Mix the lemon juice,half the oil and all the bicarb soda in a little bowl and add to the fermented besan mix

Pour your batter into the tin and add into your steamer
Steam for about 12 minutes! ( Or until it springs back when poked)

When the dhokla is done,cool and cut into desired shapes,sizes and pieces!

In a pan temper your curry leaves and mustard seeds,when you hear the seeds pop pour this mix over the dhokla!
Garnish with split green chillies and chopped corriander,oh and the coconut!


    I got this recipe out of a book from India i have at home but had to mess around with it!
    So Now it is mineeee!! ALLLL MINEEEE BWHAHAHAHA!!  *ahem


    Gulmohar said...

    Love Dhokla...will try it sometimes..:-)

    Mr. P said...

    They look so good.

    I need me a cookbook from India too. I used to go to Delhi a lot with work, and whenever I try and make Indian food in the UK, it's OK, but I never delight myself. Will have to give these a try...

    bigarade said...

    Gulmohar - Thanks :) It's worth a try! tastes mighty great!

    Mr.p - Food never tastes as good in different countries unless it is made with real passion,So i have come to learn! these are deffo worth a try theyre lovely and authentic! and dead easy to make i mean hey! even i managed to make it!By the way you need to be careful with these indian cook books because they have ingredients and steps missing from the method! ( a typical mistake i thought only i made)

    Thankyou both again for the comments and for following :)

    Spicie Foodie said...

    This is new food for me to try, looks really good:)

    Sanjana said...

    Lol, good Gujarati :p Awesome that you got the dhokra to rise so well! I love light and fluffy dhokra!

    bigarade said...

    Spicie foodie - Thankyoouuu,its delish! something dfferent too :D

    Sanjana - Lol Thanks :D i practiced copying and pasting my gujrati quotes from google many times :$
    I was well cheffed it managed to rise too! The original recipe was a flat gooey gloopy mess!

    Thanks again :D

    Malar Gandhi said...

    I like dhokla so much, thanks for step by step instructions. Will give it a try soon.

    bigarade said...

    No problem :D i hope you enjoy it as much as i did! thanks for the comment

    My Little Space said...

    Looks exactly like cornbread! I'm not familiar with Indian food ingredients eventhough I'm an Asian. Still exploring! Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

    bigarade said...

    These ingredients are available like evrywhere probably have different names too! Well worth eating! Thanks for commenting

    kothiyavunu said...

    My hubby fav..Never tried this , though I've heard about it..Now I have the recipe..thanks for sharing :-)

    bigarade said...

    No problem i hope you and him enjoy it :D

    pTsaldari said...

    Outstanding quality blog. This kind of cooking really revez up the taste buds. It's unique and exciting.

    thank you for sharing!


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