Thursday, 19 November 2009

Crazy Cress

Willy Wonkas factory never failed to amaze me,until today!
We had a visit from The cress people.
Cress people,yes.

They say little things please litttle minds,but these little things will baffle and amaze Mr Einstein himself!
We had cress that tasted like mud! flowers that made your mouth tingle! & flowers that looked to good to eat! All in one room!

Non of it was GM!

I was so amazed i had to pretend i wasnt,i didnt want to look like the weak link in my class or anything!

Also Thankyou Anncoo For this lubly award :D


prasu said...

hi dear.......first time ur write up....lovely place...pls. do find time, visit

priya said...

Hi yaar,

congrats on ur award,dear!...u deserve a lot more!

Bigarade said...

Hey,Aww Thanks ! :D

Anupama said...

Congrats on the award!


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