Friday, 28 May 2010

Spicy summer courgettes

Britain is getting warmer,and the markets are getting fuller,my pockets are getting emptier,and my kitchen fridge is crammed full of food!

I bought some courgettes the other day,Locally grown organic ones,they smelled lovely!
Some fresh coriander and a helping hand from my dry store,We had a mouth party going on!
It's times like this i wish scratch and sniff went cyber! 

It doesn't look much, I know,But the flavours are absolutely mouth watering!
The warm flavours of the cumin and coriander seed,then the cool refreshing coriander herb on top
compliments the Courgette and potatoes perfectly.

Now im going to shut up,And give you the recipe

This is enough to serve about 8 people!

You will need:
5 large courgettes 
2 medium potatoes
2 medium onions chopped
4 green chilli's chopped
8 cloves of garlic chopped
A thumb size piece of ginger chopped
250g chopped tinned tomatoes
tspn tumeric
tspn hing
tspn garam masala
tspn cumin seeds
tbsp veg oil
salt to taste
Corriander to garnish

Slice your gorgeously delicious Courgettes,peel and slice your potatoes to about the same size and 
set aside.
In a large pan,heat your oil,Add your cumin seeds and cook until
the seeds turn a darker brown. Add your onions and ginger and sweat,then add your chilli's
and garlic and cook until golden brown.Add your hing and turmeric then
Add your tomatoes and heat through.

Add your potatoes and cook for 5 minutes,then add your courgettes and stir,
Add salt,to taste and then cover with a lid until the potatoes are cooked.
sprinkle with Garam masala &freshly chopped coriander.

plate up with fresh chappati's,a cooling yoghurt dip,kick back,relax and enjoy :)


Brownieville Girl said...

Sounds fantastic - I am always looking for new things to do with courgettes when summer (and my vegetable box scheme) starts.

What is hing? I haven't come across it before.

Bigarade said...

Hing is Asafoetida
I hope that link helps! :)

I get bored of the same things and same dishes.
so i just mix and match!

Vegetable box scheme?:D sounds fun i wanna join!!

thanks for the comment:)

Janice said...

It surely isn't getting warmer where I am. Fingers crossed that it warms up as per forecast tomorrow. Looks like a great recipe for the courgette glut in July & August.

Choclette said...

This looks lovely and summery - we've only just planted our courgettes out so might have to wait awhile, but so looking forward to picking them and making this.

M D said...

Mouth watering! They look so tempting!

Bigarade said...

Janice: Courgette glut eh! i love it!
i usually just stuff courgettes,thought id do something in my moms style!

Chocelette: im no good with gardening :(
I do try,ive planted fenugreek,cress and corriander so far... :| got any tips?

MD: Thankyouuuu darlinnnn`


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